Final Deadline is Due Friday

You have almost made it. I know you are working hard on your final essay for the summer, and I cannot wait to see the improvements.

This Friday, we have our final deadline… and I want to see improvements. Remember¬†Essay #2 is due to Turn In In, before Midnight on Friday. No hard copy is needed.

Make sure you review the post from the other day, check on the helpful hints and see what you need to work on. Many of you have not reviewed my comments from Essay #1– Remember I am looking for improvement. And, the reflection opportunity to add 10 points to each assignment is still available.

I hope this helps. There will be a few more blog posts in the summer, so make sure to check back in. .. They will have important information on e-books and Whispercast as well as information about our upcoming test.

Enjoy your final month of summer. I will see you soon.

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