Hamilton: Chapter 1

Tonight is your first reading assignment. So, here are some helpful hints to help you navigate through the text.

The Greeks “created” mythology for storytelling purposes and to explain the unexplainable. Tonight you are reading about their main 12 gods. Remember: Just because the Greeks call them gods, doesn’t mean they are gods like you and I understand God. They are not omnipresent, omniscient or omnipotent. The 12 gods are created in the likeness of mankind. They have human characteristics, human emotions and human flaws… and did I mention they are giants?! So, as you are reading tonight, make sure you look for the Greek and Roman name of every god and their symbols. If you get stuck, just visit Mount Olympus. And, then… see if you are ready for tomorrow’s open book reading quiz by taking this online quiz. (helpful hint: spelling counts on the online quiz, so learning how to spell Hephaestus might come in handy).

Good luck and happy reading.

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