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So, we have learned about the gods and their life on Mt. Olympus. Now, let’s learn about the two gods of earth. You didn’t think that the 12 gods of the mountain where the only ones, did you? Never. Mythology, as well as any good story, would be nothing without a battle between the gods of the “heavens” and the gods of the earth. After you have read the stories, watch this video to help solidify your knowledge of the story of Persephone and Demeter. When the webpage opens, click on Navigate and then Story time. Choose the story  of Persephone and Demeter and enjoy.

Now, for your weekly “FP” homework.

Mythological terms are common in contemporary society. For example, an odyssey is a voyage, as well as a minivan! As we learn more about the characters of Greek mythology, you may be surprised to discover many familiar words derived from myths. Search online at Encyclopedia.com or Factmonster, both links from the EDSITEment resource The Internet Public Library, or the searchable Perseus Encyclopedia, will help answer the following questions that are assigned to your family. If you are a member of  Rochester answer questions 1 and 2, a member of Creon answer questions 3 and 4, a member of Jupiter answer questions 5 and 6, a member of Brutus answer questions 7 and 8, a member of Bronte answer questions 9 and 10, a member of Pandora answer questions 11 and 12,  and for extra family points, anyone can answer 13-16, you will get 25 points for each one answered.   Post your answers in a comment at the end of the posting. Homework needs to be posted by Thursday’s class. Have a great weekend.

It Came From Greek Mythology

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  1. kirarobbins

    3. Atlas today is a bound collection of maps. In mythology, Atlas was a Titan who was condemned to hold the sky on his shoulders, which was identified by the ancient people to be the Atlas Mountains. This term fits because Atlas is often depicted holding the globe on his back and was synonymous with the globe and maps he was forced to carry.

    4. Calliope today is a musical instrument also called a steam organ or steam piano. Calliope in mythology was one of the muses (patron goddesses of arts), and she was the goddess of epic poetry and eloquence. This term can fit because musical instruments create music, an art, and maybe a calliope is quite eloquent sounding I don’t know I’ve never heard a calliope.

  2. lizzytrinh

    Team Brutus:
    7. Harpy
    Use today: Shrew
    Description: A mythological character who has the head and body of a woman with wings and claws of a bird. This character is considered “a bird of prey with a woman’s face” and is described as an “unscrupulous woman”.
    Why it fits: The term “harpy” demonstrates a female monster who preys on others and brings them to the mythical underworld. They have no moral boundaries and use deceit to lure others. Like the term ‘harpy’, a shrew is defined as an ill-tempered woman who uses “scolding, nagging, and aggression” to get her way. A woman described as a shrew is unpleasant and monster-like, comparable to a harpy.

    8. Iris
    Use today: Rainbow
    Description: A mythological goddess who is described to link the gods to humanity as a messenger. She also rules over the sea and sky.
    Why it fits: The term ‘Iris’ was used to explain the phenomenon of the rainbow in early Greek mythology. Iris “links the gods to humanity” just like a rainbow appears to connect the earth to the sky in its vastness. Additionally, as Iris is the goddess of the sea and sky, a rainbow appears in the sky according to the presence of water.

  3. alexharakas

    5. Chaos is a word which describes unorganized, misunderstood confusion. In Greek mythology, Chaos is unoccupied, unfathomable space from which Eurynome and Gaea emerged. From Gaea and Eurynome came all earthly and divine things. The term chaos is appropriate for its definition because reckless confusion in situations today resemble the commotion involved in the emergence of all things.
    6. Gemini is the name of a northern constellation, typically represented as two men. Castor and Pollux, the two brightest stars of the constellation, are the twins of Zeus and Leda. Castor was the mortal son of a Spartan King, but Pollux was a demigod. Upon Castor’s death, Pollux requested to share his immortality with his brother and Zeus transfigured them into the constellation Gemini.

  4. alexharakas

    13. A python is large, constrictor snake in the English language. In Greek mythology, Apollo as an infant killed a monstrous serpent called Python. Snakes of the boa family, pythons are named after this sizable monster of greek mythology.

  5. adriennedwyer

    7. In Greek mythology, Harpy is a female monster with the face of a human and the body of a bird. Today, the word harpy is used to describe a mean, unscrupulous woman. The term harpy is fitting for the mythological woman/bird of prey that snatches up its victims because its name means “snatcher”, and it is also depicted part woman.
    8. In Greek mythology, Iris is goddess of the rainbow and messenger for the gods. She is described as winged and robed in bright colors. Today, the word “iris” is used to describe the colored part of an eye. Much like the Greek goddess Iris is robed in many colors, the iris of the human eye come is many different colors. Also, messages can be relayed through eyes much like Iris is the messenger of the gods, hence her name, Iris.
    13. In Greek mythology, Python was a large dragon that guarded the oracle that Apollo killed. Today, pythons are large, constrictors of the snake family. Pythons are thought to named after the large monstrous dragon that guarded the oracle
    14. In Greek mythology, the sirens lived in on an island in the sea and lured sailors to their deaths with the help of their enchanting voices. The physical appearance of a siren remains unknown due to the fact no one who has encountered them lived to tell the tale. Ironically, sirens are used today primarily as warning devices. One of definition of siren is an implement used as a whistle or signal. The voice of a siren could be interpreted as a signal or whistle that lures sailors to their inevitable doom, hence the appropriate use of the word “siren” as their title.
    15. In Greek mythology, Styx was the river between Earth and the Underworld which gods like Zeus would swear oaths by. Today, styx can used in place of the word “hate” or “detestation”. Styx is an appropriate name for the river because of turmoil it causes for some gods. For example, Zeus swore by Styx so that his lover Semele could have anything she wanted, ultimately resulting in her death.
    16. In Greek mythology, titans were the ruthless group of gods preceding the Olympians. After being overthrown by the Olympians, the titans were banished to Tartarus, an area below the underworld. Today, titan is used to describe a person of great strength or size. The title of titan is appropriate for these gods because it described them perfectly: beings of great strength and size.

  6. ashleyfabella

    1.) The Amazons were tribe of warrior women, who hated men. They were the daughters of the most peaceful loving nymph, Harmony; but their father was Ares, the God of War, which the Amazons get their brutality from. Today, the Amazons have been thought to be associated with the Roman Empire and Late Antiquity. In Rome, there have been various accounts of Amazon raids in Anatolia. The Amazons have also been thought to be the ones who founded some cities and temples; as well as creating the cavalry.
    2.) Arcadia is a city which is associated with its king, Lycaon, who fed Zeus human flesh while Zeus was staying as a guest in the palace. This city is also where Aeptyus was hidden from his mother, Merope. Today, Arcadia has been used in books and some movies as a magical realm in which the story occurs. There is also a college called Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania.

  7. kadenheadington

    3. Atlas is a word that can be linked to greek Mythology for a few reasons. The word atlas is known today as a book of maps and charts. An atlas holds a map of the world in it. This word relates to greek mythology because there is a titan who is named Atlas. The titan, Atlas, was responsible for bearing the weight of the heavens (world) on his shoulders. This burden was given to him as a punishment by Zeus. In most pictures of the titan, Atlas, he is carrying a globe on his back. Atlas gave his name to a mountain range and a large collection of maps.
    4. Calliope is also another word related to greek mythology. The definition of calliope today is, a keyboard instrument resembling an organ, but with the notes produced by steam whistles, used chiefly on showboats and in traveling fairs. Even though this instrument does not make a beautiful sound, it is a very unique instrument. In greek mythology the muse of eloquence and epic poetry is named Calliope. She is named this because of the ecstatic harmony of her voice. Calliope is also considered the “Chief of all Muses.” Such as the calliope instrument, Calliope is very unique in her own way.

  8. dchin

    11, Phoenix today is known as the capital of Arizona. The phoenix is a mythical bird that regenerates and comes back to life. When one dies, another one rises from the ashes. I suppose that they could have chosen the name Phoenix, Arizona because of how hot the area is. The bird is typically depicted as on fire or made of fire,
    12. A psyche in psychology is a body’s train of thought, feeling, and motivator. In mythology, Psyche is the goddess of soul and is married to Cupid. The term fits because when people think of psychology the root word is psyche. Psychology is essentially the study of the soul.

  9. davidanthony01

    According to Greek mythology, harpy is a mythological female creature who has both the characteristics of a woman and a black bird of prey. Harpy corresponds to this creature because the definition of harp is to constantly be talking or writing about something repiticiosly in a way that’s negative. I feel like this would be a characteristic of this evil woman-like bird.
    Iris is the goddess of the ocean and the skies. She is in charge of commmunicating to all the gods. She is said to be dressed in bright colors like those of the rainbow. Coincidentally, she is the connection between the gods and all of humanity. This is why she represents the rainbow, because she is the connection from the gods to the people.

  10. dmcluckey

    7. In Greek Mythology, a harpy is a female monster, who has the body of a bird and the face of a human. They take food from their victims and takes evildoers to the furies. Hence the name, which means “snatcher”. They were thought to be originally wind spirits.
    8. Iris is the God of the rainbow and is a messenger of the gods. She is thought to be known as a link between humanity and the gods. She is described as a beautiful young maiden with wings on her shoulders. She can travel at the speed of wind, and can travel anywhere, from the depths of the sea to the Underworld.

  11. kl1214

    11) The phoenix, in Mythology, is a unique bird, resembling an eagle but with rich red and gold plumage. It is said to have lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert (it is also known as the Arabian bird), after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre ignited by the sun and fanned by its own wings, and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle. The word phoenix used today, according to dictionary.com, means a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation. This term fits because the phoenix in mythology burns itself and somehow rises, keeping its beauty.

    12) In Roman mythology, Psyche represented the human spirit and was portrayed as a beautiful girl with butterfly wings. Psyche was a beautiful mortal desired by Cupid, or Eros his Greek name, to the dismay of Cupid’s mother Venus (Aphrodite). Venus demanded that her son order Psyche to fall in love with the ugliest man in the world. Cupid refused and loved Psyche himself, visiting her only by night and commanding that she not look at him. Eventually, Psyche broke Cupid’s rule and lit a lamp to look upon his face. For this disloyalty, Cupid abandoned her and Psyche wandered through the world in search of her lover. Eventually she was reunited with Cupid and made immortal by Jupiter (Zeus),
    Psyche today is still used as the meaning of the human soul or spirit, the term fitting the ancient myth.

  12. peytonpointer

    1) In Greek mythology, the Amazons were daughters of the peace-loving nymph, Harmony. However, their father was Ares ,the god of war, and they took after his warlike ways. In their tribe it was the women who fought, while the men were at home performing tasks. Today the amazons are known as a group of people that are associated with Roman history. They are believed to be the direct ancestors of Ukrainian women and they are inspired by real warrior women.
    2) Arcadia, in Greek mythology, is a kingdom ruled by Lycaon who was turned into a wolf for feeding Zeus human flesh when the god was his guest. Also, Merope’s son, Aepytus, was hidden in Arcadia. Today Arcadia is known as a city in Los Angeles County, California. Arcadia was a part of the homeland for the Tongva people for 8,000 years, as well.

  13. kantakato1

    Team Jupiter
    5. Today chaos means unorganized or great confused. In Greek Mythology, Chaos is unfathomable space in which he cannot really be fully understood. Earthly and divine things, Eurynome and Gaea, arose from Chaos. Because Eurynome and Gaea created all things and arose from Chaos, he is a supreme being which created all life. This term fits greatly with its definition today because Chaos is a great confusion which all things commenced from.
    6. Gemini is a northern constellation, between Taurus and Cancer, which is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Gemini is depicted as two men and the two brightest stars in the constellation, Castor and Pollux, were identified to be the twin sons of Zeus and Leda by the Greeks. Castor and Pollux were adventurers and fighters but when Castor died as a mortal, Pollux urged his father Zeus to give Castor immorality so they could be united in the heavens forever.

  14. angelicacastaneda

    3. Today, the word Atlas is known as a book of illustrations or diagrams on any subject. An Atlas has a map of the world inside of it. In Mythology, there is a Titan who is named Atlas. His role was to keep the world on his shoulders. As a punishment he was to hold up the Heavens. This term fits because he has the globe on his shoulders and he was required to carry many maps that he was given.
    4. Today, the word Calliope is known as a keyboard instrument consisting of a set of harsh sounding steam whistles. In Mythology, there was the eldest of the Muses, named Calliope. She was the goddess of epic poetry and eloquence. This term fits because she had a beautiful voice and the instrument was special and unique like she was.

  15. taylornicholas13

    3. In Greek mythology Atlas is one of he Titans who is defeated by the Olympian Zeus. After losing, Zeus gives Atlas he responsibility of holding the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. Today, an atlas is a book full of maps of the earth. This term fits, because Atlas’s symbol is the globe, and many different art pieces depict him holding the wait of the earth.
    4. Calliope in Greek mythology was a muse of eloquence and of poetry. Many referred to her as the “chief of all muses”. Today, a calliope is a steam organ that makes interesting and unique sounds. These terms to together, because they are both unique.

  16. loganoviatt

    5.)Chaos; Chaos is a synonym for a state of confusion or disorder. The mythological character known as chaos was just that. It served as a prehistory to the earth and occupied everything with its disorderly presence. The greek being fits the modern usage because a chaotic event is an event that is absence of control just as was prehistory to the greeks.

    6.) Gemini: Gemini today is a castellation located in the northern hemisphere. Its brightest stars consist of Castor and Pollux. The greek term applies to two brothers (or possibly good friends) who share their life between heaven and earth. The term applies well because the constellations brightest stars shine down on earth yet are in heaven, just like Castor and Pollux.

  17. kylethorin

    9. The word Nike is today used as a sports brand for apparel and shoes. In Greek Mythology, Nike is the daughter of river Styx and the Titan Pallas. She is known as the goddess of victory and is honored by Zeus for helping him win the war against the titans. Nike presided over all athletic and military contests, and was often an attendant of Zeus or Athena. She is usually represented as having wings and bearing a wreath or palm branch. The popular brand known as Nike offers high quality items to help make us “win” like the goddess Nike helps make us win.

    10. Today, the word Oracle is the name of a multinational company that specializes in developing database software. In Greek Mythology, an Oracle was a priest or priestess who imparted the response of a god to a human questioner. The word Oracle also referred to a shrine of a god, and every oracular shrine had a fixed method of divination. Many people tried to observe the “signs” that were given to them, such as the movement of a bird in a tree or a rustle of leaves. The company Oracle creates software that holds all information, much like the Oracle known in Greek Mythology.

  18. alleydimel

    5. chaos is word that means unorganized confusion. it is how gaea was created. from gaea came all of the earthly things. this word is not lacking when it comes to earth. we are chaotic.
    6. gemini is a constellation of “twins” in between taurus and cancer. the twins represent two men. the two major and brightest stars in the constellation are pollux and castor. pollux was a demigod and castor was the mortal son of the spartan king. when castor died, pollux asked zeus to share his immortality with his brother. zeus granted them the constellation gemini.

  19. hallegj

    Team: Bronte
    9. Nike
    Today Nike is known as the shoe and clothing store for athletics. In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory. Her parents were the river Styx and the Titan Pallas. She was honored by Zeus for helping him win the battle of the gods against Zeus. The term fits because the same way as Nike the Greek God helps us win, Nike the store is supposed to help us win our games and races.
    10. Oracle
    Today oracle is the name of a technological company with many databases. In Greek mythology Oracle was the priest or priestess who told the response of a god to a human questioner. It was also known as a shrine in Greek mythology. The two terms fit because just like how the technological company today stores a lot of information in its databases, the oracles in Greek mythology stored responses of gods in their heads to tell to human questioners.

  20. missloock

    Great Job. I love your answers. Nice work.

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