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Today in class we kicked off our discuss for epic and tragic hero. I know we just scratched the surface… so, let’s keep the online discussion going.  Do you believe Psyche is an epic or tragic hero and why? Remember: a major point in deciding whether or not someone is an epic hero or a tragic hero… is how they deal with the darkness.

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And, now on to tonight’s homework. Hercules… is much more than the Disney movie. If you need help with the labors of Hercules, check out this website. (Hint: Labors… quiz… quiz… quiz….) or you can watch this really awful… but extremely hysterical movie about Hercules’ 12 Labors. And, if you are really bored… or just like video games… check out this game of Hercules.

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  1. alexharakas

    I think that Psyche is an epic hero. Characteristic of epic heroes in mythology, Psyche’s father is a king. Psyche undergoes transition when she reaches womanhood and finds out that she is destined to marry a god with an unappealing description. The human world interferes with her special world as her sisters come to persuade her to kill her husband. After she loses Cupid for a while because of her distrust, she comes out changed and understanding love cannot live where trust does not.

  2. serrato1

    I believe Psyche is an epic hero. I could go on about her descriptions of how she is a hero but that is just the general facts that are attributed to both tragic and epic. The ultimate reason I believe Psyche is an epic hero is because she comes out changed after going into the “darkness” of believing her jealous sisters and almost killing her beloved husband. This then makes her realize and change her view on her love and makes her want to chase him even if that means going to his mother, the one person who wants her gone. After her changed outlook on the situation she is willing to go through daunting tasks. Throughout these tasks she wants to kill herself but with the help of others she CHANGES her mind on doing so. The main point of her being an epic hero is that she changes.

  3. adriennedwyer

    Psyche has both the characteristics of a tragic hero and an epic hero in which she is fated to marry a god who is ugly, loses him because of her lack of trust, and then goes on a “quest” to regain her lost husband, with the guidance of her several helpers. Psyche ultimately falls under the category of epic hero because after going through each difficult trial or “darkness” in order to win her husband back, she realizes that trust and hard work are the foundations of any relationship and her perspective on love changes.

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