Hamilton: Trojan War

The Trojan War.

We all seem to know so much about it…. yet, none of us know the  real story. When you hear the words… Trojan War. We normally think about a giant horse full of soldiers. But, what happened before? How did we get in this 9 year battle? Who won? etc. Any battle story can get confusing… so, if you need some help– check out this live version of Troy.

Bonus Family Question:

How much of the Trojan War is true? What parts are made up? Check out this websitevideo, as well as the website from above and give your opinions below. Each posting will receive 500 family points.

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  1. Amelia Navarro

    The Trojan war leaves much evidence that it did take place. The wooden horse and fall of Troy happened but not for the reasons the Iliad makes it to be. They might have fought for other things. Maybe love was the reason, but not because of the goddesses and their judgment from Paris. This is because theses characters are myths.

  2. adriennedwyer

    I believe that the Trojan War did take place, but just not entirely in the manner that Homer described it in his book the “Illiad”. Homer describes the Trojan War as an event that occurred in only 41 days, but the actual war is suggested to occur over a span of ten years. Archaeological and historical findings show that the Trojan War may have been a series of conflicts and battles between the Greeks and the Trojans, which support the above statement that the Trojan War occurred over a decade. The reason for the outbreak of the Trojan War in Homer’s “Illiad” seems a tad farcical, especially in that the gods of Olympus supposedly chose sides in the affair because a prince had poor judgment. The taking of Helen from Greece by the Trojans as the sole reason for the outbreak of the Trojan War seems like a far more legitimate cause. Since there are no other accounts of the Trojan War other than Homer’s, I cannot say that his account is entirely false.

  3. serrato1

    I believe that yes, Troy existed, and yes, there was a Trojan war. Some aspects of the legend are far fetched and are hard to believe. Homer is known for his detailed tales, and supposed accounts of the past. Due to archeological discoveries of the city of Troy it is plausible to suggest that Homers story is derived from an actual historical event and that he had spun it to appease audiences. Though the involvement of the mythological gods is very far fetched the core of the story feasible. Not saying that the capture of a beloved beautiful queen wouldn’t be enough to start a war, because of course it seems likely for that time, There was more behind the cause of the Trojan war. Because of the time of leaders trying to take over the world, war hungry citizens, and war inducing gods, it is likely these other factors helped in the build up of the war. In no way, solely based on archeological findings, can we say Troy did not exist but makes it quite reasonable to suggest that the Trojan war truly did happen

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