Sophocles: Antigone

So, today… we flew through 5 scenes of a tragic Grecian play… and passed through the mighty words of Sophocles. As we prepare to recreate the play in our own words…. here are some helpful ways to recap the story.

Helpful Hints:

Overall summary of the play: Antigone an Overview

Here are your assigned parts… remember if you get confused, look back at the overview. It was hard to break it up on your e-books. So, below is a copy of the text. You can read this… or search the first line in your e-books. You will need a copy of your part of the text in class. So, you can either find the text in your ebook or print of the PDF of what is listed below.

Antigone: The Movie… In sections ( Note: the sections do not match the scenes your family was given… but the movie does follow the play almost line by line. So, you can read your section tonight, or just find the video clips that make up your section).

Antigone: Part 1

Antigone: Part 2

Antigone: Part 3

Antigone: Part 4

Antigone: Part 5

Antigone: Part 6

Antigone: Part 7

Antigone: Part 8

Antigone: Part 9

Antigone: Part 10

Antigone: Part 11

Now, that  you have an idea about how the story of Antigone plays out… here we go… Off to the Greek Theater!

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