Bronte 19-21 Review and Recap

So, let’s review. Mr. Rochester dresses up like a gypsy and tries to get Jane to divulge her secrets. Mr. R ‘freaks’ out when he hears Mason is at Thornfield. And, Mason freaks out Jane when he is lying on a bed covered in blood. Gothic novel… for sure. So, if you need a a moment to review… here it is in a quick 5 min. movie.

Now, that the review is over.
Let’s sit back and really review. Back to chapter 1-3. Jane and her Aunt Reed… never really got along. Right? Right. Jane makes three “awful” threats to Mrs. Reed… right before heading off to Lowood School for girls. Do you remember what the three threats are? Family points if you post:L 1. the outcome of the three threats. 2. your prediction to why those threats play a major role in the life of Jane Eyre. (Helpful Hint… the three threats will be a quiz question).

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  1. Amelia Navarro

    Jane’s three threats to Mrs. Reed are that she’ll never visit her, call her aunt, and she’ll never talk nicely of her. The outcome of these threats is that Jane does not fulfill the first two. These threats play a major role in the story because when jane visits Mrs. Reed she has closure with her past and is forgiving and merciful to Mrs. Reed. Jane finally puts her past away and what we see from this is her maturity and growth from being a hotheaded little girl. She is longsuffering when Mrs. Reed rebuffs her and still shows grace onto her.

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