Bronte: Voki

Due Thursday

Let’s step into the world of Jane Eyre.

For your homework tonight… become one of the characters from Jane’s childhood.  Create a voki in the likeness of one of Jane’s childhood “friends” and explain why you made an impact in Jane’s life and how your influence will affect her as an adult.  To find out more directions for your homework let Charlotte Bronte, herself, fill you in on the rest.  After you have heard the directions, click the button “Get a Voki Now” (Remember add a new voki… don’t erase the voki of yourself). Log in with your email address and password and then get started created your Voki. Be creative and make sure that you follow directions. When you are done with your Voki click the “Publish” button and publish it to this blog by adding a comment to this posting.  Good luck and have fun.

Trouble Shooting Voki: 

The website is fairly self explanatory, but I had trouble publishing my voki to “The Fine Print”. So, here is the easiest way.

Once you have completed your Voki… click the “Publish” button right under your Voki.

A new pop-up window will appear. At the bottom of the window it says “Or, get your Voki link here” Click down the menu and choose “Standard Voki LInk”. A link will then appear in the box below. Cut and paste the link into a comment box on “The Fine Print”. Follow the rest of the directions and your first homework assignment is complete.

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