Compare and Contrast Topic Approval

As per our conversation during Writer’s Workshop today, Topics for your compare and contrast essay will be posted here. You CAN NOT post you have a valid three fold thesis statement. Once a topic/thesis statement is posted below it is closed to the rest of the class. Once you have posted, your Venn Diagram must be turned into the red bin for final approval. Thesis must be posted by class on Nov 2nd and venn diagram must be turned in for complete credit on “Thesis Statement Approval”.

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  1. taylornicholas13

    Coming from two different worlds the Beast and Mr. Rochester both are fearful or rejection, tired of being along, and are influenced by love.

  2. Amelia Navarro

    I will be doing belle and Jane from beauty and the beast
    Jane and belle contain similar qualities and actions including how they both were placed into a mysterious setting, and they learned to love the beast

  3. Amelia Navarro

    I will be doing belle and Jane from beauty and the beast
    Jane and belle contain similar qualities inckudi g how they be th were placed in a mysterious setting on their journey, confronted with odd situations, and they both fell in love with the beast

  4. alexharakas

    Although the red room of Jane Eyre and the holy of holies within the Jewish Tabernacle were constructed in different millennia, both display the coming of a savior, distinguish between past life and holy life ahead, and prepare for the presence of a savior through the encounters with the supernatural.

  5. dmcluckey

    Even though Rochester and Darth Vader come from radically different worlds, they both turn from the unpleasantness in their lives, they both are forbidden to love who they want to love, and at times, they try to be different.

  6. kirarobbins

    Jane Eyre’s Jane Eyre, and Sword Art Online’s Asuna Yuuki both choose to end up in a world they do not belong that is also a man’s world. Jane and Asuna also have tough lives from cruel “mother” figures who are loners, and they both fall in love with the man in charge who has lot’s of power who is protecting and herioc yet still not quite heroic at the same time.

  7. sarahjwilcox

    Jane Eyre, from Jane Eyre, and Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul both have a friend to lean on and that cares for them, they also have a mother/fatherly figure that protect them under their “wing,” and are outsiders for who they truly are.

  8. kantakato1

    Although Helen and Russell come from entirely different worlds, they are both the light of the story, have a great bond with the protagonist as it grows stronger, and they shape the protagonist to become a better person.

  9. kl1214

    Jane Eyre and the famous Disney ‘princess’, Hua Mulan are similar in that they are both considered as outsiders in their families and they fight for what they believe is right. They were also born into a patriarchal world.

  10. hampizza

    North Korea and Lowood had many similarities: both were run by dictatorial leaders, both had food and health problems, and both had control issues.

  11. hallegj

    Cinderella and Jane: Both lose their parents, have an initial victory but suffer major setbacks, and persevere through the trials which leads to the enjoyment of success

  12. ashleyfabella

    Mrs. Reed and Cinderella’s step-mother: Both are not fond of Jane/Cinderella, they are jealous of Jane/Cinderella, and make Jane/Cinderella feel trapped.

  13. kadenheadington

    Jane Eyre and Dwight Schrute:
    Jane Eyre and Dwight Schrute come from two very different worlds, but they have many characteristics in common. Both of these characters are not respected by the people around them, they are socially inept, and they are both outcasts.

  14. dchin

    Mr. Rochester and Alexander Hamilton share commonalities in that they have a secret that is caused from previous mistakes, reveal their secret to protect their reputation, and marry a woman coming from a wealthier family.

  15. adriennedwyer

    Alice in Wonderland/Young Jane Eyre:
    Young Jane Eyre and Alice, although coming from opposite sides of the social spectrum, share several commonalities in that they are naive, often caught up in their own fantasies, and attempt to find their true “homes”.

  16. serrato1

    Jane Eyre and Rapunzel are alike in the ways that they both are ill-treated, both are extremely independent, and both have saviors.

  17. angelicacastaneda

    Although Mr. Rochester and Aladdin come from two opposite worlds, they are alike in that both have secrets of their own, have helpers to hide their secrets, and eventually have to fix their mistakes before it’s too late.

  18. kylethorin

    Although coming from completely different worlds, Mumei from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress and Helen from Jane Eyre are both strong-headed, have mysterious backgrounds, and are used as foil characters to the protagonist

  19. lizzytrinh

    Coming from two different worlds, Jane Eyre and Meredith Grey are neglected by their care-givers, are kept from secrets by their loved ones, and lose their closest friends when they die.

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