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Newport Beach Public Library

If you don’t have a Newport Beach Public Library Card yet, you will need to sign up for one first. Once you have signed up and are given your library number. Write it down. Somewhere safe. Now, you can log in anytime. Once you have signed up for your Library Card, then you can move into Articles and Databases from there. Look into Magazines and Newspapers. The search engines that will open will work just like Google and Yahoo. All public libraries work the same… so, if you have a library card to a major public library, you can use their database system.


We have talked about this before. It is a great piling of all sorts of stuff.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is just like Google, but it filters out all of the “unwanted” junk. It will help focus your articles and really tie together some lose ends. Google Scholar will also help narrow your topic to all academic sources and websites.


Alltheweb is a search engine put out by Yahoo. It doesn’t help narrow the topics, but it does search… all the web. Imagine that.

Virtual Salt

And, for the rest of the rest. Virtual Salt is a great web site that has a ton of search engines listed. They are not all for our types of topics. But, if you read the descriptions, you can find more than what you need.


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