Who are you? Help with the Names of CMC Characters (CHAPTER 22-24)

Oh, my gosh. Just when we finally started to learn the 30+ characters that Alexandre Dumas wrote in his novel The Count of Monte Cristo he goes and changes them on us. So, let me see if I can help you.

SPOILERS> Do not read until Chapter 22-24

  • Edmond Dantes: The Count of Monte Cristo, Abbe Busoni, Lord Wilmore, and Sinbad the Sailor** (Take Note: He is different aliases to different people. Why? Any guesses that are posted will earn 500 points for your family)
  • Mercedes: The Countess de Morcerf … what a traitor
  • Fernand Mondego: The Count de Morcerf… seriously?
  • Danglars: the Baron and Baroness Danglars… yes, he found someone to marry him.
  • Gérard de Villefort and Madame de Villefort : Good ole M. Villefort has had a rough go in the marriage department but, he has found someone, who “loves” him, too bad he cannot get rid of that pesky mother in law

Now, those are your key players for awhile… but, they all have children… so, let’s run through the list of kiddos:

  • Mercedes and Fernand de Morcerf—–> Albert de Morcerf
  • Baron and Baronness Danglars ——-> Eugénie Danglars (what an unfortunate name)
  • The Villeforts —–> Valentine (from his first marriage) and Edward (slimy little punk)
  • The Morrels —–> Julie and Maximillion (Seriously, coolest name in the whole story)

Then, there are several more people who are thrown into the story that have no relationships what-so-ever with the original clan, but have entered our tale

  • Franz: no relation… but, Alberts best friend
  • Nortier… a famous member in the French Revolution is now paralyzed and speaks only with his eyes… but, don’t miss him… he has a lot to “say”
  • Luigi Vampa … Italian Bandit (maybe he has the coolest name in the book?!)
  • Benedetto… Italian Bandit
  • Peppino.. Italian Bandit
  • Ali… CMC’s man-slave. Honestly, he has the best story and it was cut out of the book… cut… eww…. that reminds me.. he doesn’t have a tongue… story to come!
  • Haydee.. CMC’s female slave… gotta love her
  • Lucien DeBray… oh la la
  • Jacopo… smuggler who we have already met. Look for him at the end of chapter 25
  • Marquise de Saint Meran… Villeforts original mother in law

Wow. Okay. I think we made it through some of the biggies. And, I know this list will help you.

The story starts spinning its web of revenge very quickly… so, let me give you a few final tips:

  1. Anything that has to do with Danglars and his family is with money… REMEMBER: Danglars dangles money
  2. Anything that has to do with Villefort and his family is with poison… REMEMBER: Villefort has viles of poison
  3. Anything that has to do with Mondego and his family has to do with Mercedes and Albert… No clever rhyme for that one you will just have to remember.

Anger Bondage:

Irritation/ Anger, Resentment, Revenge, Hate

Deny, Define, Defuse, Deliver

I will post some helpful hints for reading quiz questions later this week.Enjoy your  break.

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