Monday: Family Work

We have learned a lot about the CMC and we have only touched the surface.

I thought I would post a few question for extra points. If you want to dive deeper and get some help on some potential test questions, here is some help.

There are two essays posted below, for every full answer posted by Monday, I will substitute on quiz that has a 50 and give it a 100%. You can do that for two quizzes, if you answer both questions, in full. Answers must be complete paragraphs with specifics form the book.

1. In The Count of Monte Cristo, the protagonist views himself as being on a divine mission of retribution. The very name of the island where he finds his treasure–“The Mountain of Christ”– makes this connection. Is he justified in drawing this conclusion about the purpose of his escape from the Chateau d’If and his discovery of the treasure? Why or Why not? Support your conclusions with specifics from the book AND the Bible.

2. The Romantic Era, was one that valued emotion over intellect. Using this criterion, assess the extent to which Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo is a Romantic novel. Use at least three supporting detail from your novel.



Want extra points…for your family. 10, 000 points for this answer.

Bonus Question: Discuss the political viewpoint expressed in The Count of Monte Cristo. From your knowledge of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic era, how would you assess the politics of the author? Is he a Bonapartist or a royalist? Support your arguments with details from the novel.


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