Gatsby Scavenger Hunt

It’s a Great Gatsby… Scavenger Hunt. Look through the Roaring 20s and see… what life was like for Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper and turn it into the red bin on Thursday.



1. What is “The Curse of the Bambino”?

2. What was Jack Dempsey’s nickname? What major sport award did he win?
(hint – look at paragraph 3)

3. What was the scandal about the 1919 World Series? What happened to the players?
History and Politics

4. What is the 18th Amendment? Did everyone follow the law?

5. What is the 19th Amendment? When did it pass?

Music and Dance

6. What was the Charleston?

7. What isLouis Armstrong’s nickname? What is he the “founding father” of?


8. What did a “Flapper” look like?

9. What is the “bob”? Who started it?

Arts and Entertainment 

10. Who was the “It girl”? What was her profession?

11. What were the Ziegfeld Follies?


12.What was Lizzie Borden accused of? Was she convicted?

13. What did Loeb and Leopold do?
(hint – top paragraph in red)