Qualities of Good Research

Qualities of Good Research

1.   Good sources can be validated. In other words, they come from an actual news source, organization, or company. Sources need to be accurate because you do not want to build your paper on faulty arguments.

2.   Good sources use current information. The date of when the article was written is important. Depending on the subject, information can be outdated.

3.   Good sources may be written from a bias opinion; however, the information is presumably still accurate

4.   Good sources are detailed. The article is not filled with hasty generalizations, but instead it uses specific facts.

5.   Good sources include background information. Just as a story must have a setting, articles should not  be full of isolated, disconnected facts. Enough background and connecting information should be given to make the information both understandable and useable

6.   Good sources are understandable to YOU. If an article is written by biological engineers on the validity of the K2 cellular structure, the average person that is not a chemist would