SP#5: Recipe



A recipe for me.

If someone where to put you down in a cookbook… how would we make you?


Your recipe needs:


  • At least 7-9 ingredients
  • Baking instructions.
  • How to serve instructions.


How to start:


o      First… fill out your “Be Somebody!” graphic organizer with your unique personality traits.

o      Next… fill out your 6 recipe cards with cooking terms and phrases.

o      Then… add the cooking terms to your personality traits.

o      Lastly… give baking and serving instructions.


Write your recipe:


A Short Example:



½ a cup of turquoise

A pinch of saph-fire

A dash of fashion sense

A sprinkle of criticism

All mixed in a bowl and baked at 450 degrees. You can tell if she is baked properly when she is burnt around the edges and soft in the middle. Let her cool and then top with vanilla ice cream. Serves Many.