I heart you.

I heart you.

Isn’t that the perfect way to start any paragraph? I just wanted to say… I have enjoyed teaching each and everyone one of you for the past year. You have made my mornings… from our laughing at the BellWork’s Would You Rathers to fighting over themes…till Oh, Captain comments, to our family points challenges… I wouldn’t miss the 50 minutes I have gotten to spend with you each day for the world.

As you go on, to become the scholars and dreamers and leaders that I KNOW you are going to be. Remember these lesson:

  • You are more powerful than the gods of Mt. Olympus
  • You have more courage and strength than Antigone
  • You are all on a journey that I pray leads to our Heavenly Savior, like Jane Eyre
  • You are more loyal to your friends than the infamous Brutus
  • You all look at the world from a different perspective like Todd Anderson
  • You can travel the world and experience God’s goodness like CS Lewis
  • You will conquer your own American Dream like Nick Calloway
  • You can forgive your enemies and still live a life of wealth and security, like CMC
  • You can always be yourself, and never hide behind a mask made by someone else, like Phillipe
  • You are destined to fulfill your future endeavors like Athos
  • You will have friends that last a lifetime like Bruno
  • You have a life story to tell like Elie Wiesel
  • And, no matter where you go… Remember you are smarter than you think, more creative than you will ever know and more talented than you let on.
  • And, above all never forget this: Mrs. Rodriguez hearts you and is so proud of you.
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