Helpful Links

Other websites and links are helpful. Use any of the following links to help you in this course:

Audio Books

Cheating ? No. Resourceful? Yes. I know that reading every moment of the day can be difficult. But, we do live in a day, filled with modern technology. So, listen to the audio book. Find a comfy spot on your sofa, plug in your ipod and sit down with your book. Take notes as someone else reads to you. How can you pass that up?

By Gosh: Children’s Books

The children’s book research paper is something that WLH will be writing second semester. We will be reading children’s books all year long, but this is a great website to see the books in the original form, with the original illustrations. It’s fun, easy and will be a great resource for your paper.

Comic Books

There are several links to help you make a comic book. Use the one above or try one of these links:  Toons, Comic Strip Generator, and Comics.

Mind Mapping

Need help organizing your thoughts? Here is a fun place to work on your next creative writing project. Mind map your thoughts in this great program and then print it out and turn it in as your outline.

Spoiler Alert

Can you believe that your English teacher is posting this?! Wow. But, really, these videos will help you, when you need a refresher. Remember, I have read all your books and watched all these videos, so, I will know if you just watch the videos. But, they do have some helpful reminders and themes in them… and we know that sometimes we can use all the help we can receive. Right? But, remember: SPOILER ALERT. Nothing is worse than a ruined book. So, don’t watch all the segments at once. Just watch the “Cast of Characters” if you haven’t started reading, and then slowly watch the rest. If you watch the “Overview” videos… the book will be ruined. Happy movie watching.

Visual Words

As I have told you all before, “Just because you are an Honors student, doesn’t mean you know how to use all the words in the English Language.” Need help? Here is a creative thesaurus, that helps you with look at words through different lenses. It will show you the definition of the word and the definition of other words that are similar… but, be careful. The further that you get away from the original word, the more the word you are choosing has nothing to do with what you want it to. So, be careful, and choose your words wisely.

Wall Wisher


We will be using this wall to answer questions or have family conversations. You will see the link pop up in posts all over the “Fine Print” so, be on the look out for extra sticky notes and notices.

Works Cited

Need help on your Works Cited page? This website will help you find out the small quarks to remember when writing our research papers. Remember, the computer is not magic, you need to put in all the correct information, and it will format it for you… correctly. But, if is missing citation information… it is not the computer’s fault, it is probably a user error.


Have questions that you don’t want to ask in front of the class? Here is the place to ask them… you can just post your questions without having to put your name on the post. And, I will get back to you asap.