Writer Jane’s Tips



    • 1

      Define the main argument of your persuasive essay. What are you trying to persuade the audience to believe?

    • 2

      Write your thesis statement. This is one detailed sentence that states your main argument. It is typically used as the final sentence of the opening paragraph of your persuasive essay. Write your thesis statement at the top of your persuasive essay outline.

    • 3

      List two to four statements that support your thesis statement. These are the main arguments of your persuasive essay.

    • 4

      Write an example or fact under each argument that helps you prove that the argument statement is true.

    • 5

      Consider the opposing statement for each of your argument statements. What might someone say in disagreement with the statement to try to prove you wrong? Write the opposing statement under each argument statement, labeled “opposing statement.”

    • 6

      Add a rebuttal to each opposing statement that you have written under each argument statement. This is the information you would use to defend your persuasive essay thesis against the opposing statement.

    • 7

      Congratulations! You have created a persuasive essay outline! Use your thesis to write the first paragraph. Write a paragraph for each argument statement, including the opposing statement and rebuttal. Then finish with a conclusion paragraph.