Wisdom Hunter Triarama

Wisdom Hunter: Triarama Project

DUE: January 16, 2014



Follow the following steps to complete your “Triarama” project.



Read: “Wisdom Hunter” by: Randall Arthur. The book, will have a quiz on Edmodo—take the quiz at anytime. The project will be due on January 16th.



Write a one-page, typed (MLA formatted) essay on the biblical truths found in “Wisdom Hunter”. Use Bible verses to support your ideas and theories. Paper may include dead words, but must be written in a professional fashion. Also, the paper must be in line with the major themes of “Wisdom Hunter”.



You have now finished your one-page, typed essay. Next, create your own version of a Wisdom Hunter’s quest for wisdom. The twist? In your search for Wisdom… retell one of the great truths about the Bible. Make sure that it is unique, creative and most of importantly… from your own imagination.



You will make four of the following triaramas:

  1. Start with an 11” by 17” sheet of construction paper. Cut the paper into a perfect 11” square.
  2. Fold the paper corner to corner and then in half. (Square should now have a folded X).
  3. Cut one of the corners along the fold line to the center
  4. Overlay the cut corner on top of the other cut corner, forming a 3-D triangle (examples in classroom)
  5. Repeat this process until you have four free standing triaramas.

**** Delayed Step 6. You will glue all four backs of your triarama together forming a pyramid.


The number one rule for this project is to be creative. You are going to build four triaramas that will complete your version of “Wisdom Hunter”. Your project will have settings, characters, conflict and a resolution. After you are finished with your project you will then write another 5 paragraph essay describing your four chosen scenes. The more creative you are with your story, the better your overall grade.



The setting of “Wisdom Hunter “ takes place all over the world. Where does your “hunter” travel to? Use multi-media (I.E. Construction paper, cotton balls, foil, magazines, paint, etc) to make your setting come to life. Make sure your setting is unique and fits in with your overall story.





Triarama two needs to have at least three characters that exist in your  hunt for wisdom. These characters should have a deeper meaning than what meets the eye (just as in the novel). Create at least three characters who will hunt for your wisdom and will in turn create the conflict for your overall storyline.



Create a scene in which your characters confront some type of conflict (internal or external) Make sure you are still using multi-media objects to bring your world to life. Whether your conflict is a war, an over run credit card or a tea pot that will only boil Diet Coke, bring it all to life in triarama three.



Every story needs an ending— happy or tragic. Right? Right.  Well, this ending is up to you. Allow the characters to fall back into their everyday lives and have the conflict be resolved. But, as the creator of your world, it is up to you if you want them to live… happily ever after.



Make them both short and sweet, yet full of details.


In your second paper, tell me everything about your “Wisdom” story I will need to know when looking at your triaramas. Any loose ends can be tied up in this section if you had trouble portraying them in art. The 5 paragraph, typed essay (MLA format) should appear as a Writer’s Workshop essay. Interest grabber, middle and conclusion… Think of the triaramas as your four paragraph blocks and then tell your story from there. Make sure you fill in all the missing details that cannot be portrayed in art.


Again, most importantly— HAVE FUN AND BE CREATIVE.



JANUARY 16, 2014