Search Engines

Google Education

Google is one of the strongest search engines on the planet. So, when you cannot beat it, join in. Check out … Google Education.

Google Text

Have no internet access, but need Google? Text #466453 for answers

Google’s What do you Love?

A search engine that searches in blocks… the format of this search engine is student friendly and appealing to the eye.


This search engine, lets you compare and contrast what you are searching. It will draw maps and charts to create visual aides for your calculations. And, then has a journal portion to allow you to do your homework, right on the webpage.

Sweet Search

Sweet Search is perfect for a research paper orĀ  to gain knowledge quicker than without weeding through the mess of ads and internet mumbo-jumbo.

Wiki Summary

Wikis are a new way of life. If you want to search wikis, this is your place.

Wolfram Alpha

This is a search engine for the math minded. When you search a topic it will give you the details in chart form. For example, I searched Jane Eyre… it told the me author, words most commonly used in the book, sentence count, word count, etc.