Dumas 11-16

This is the portion of the book that is the most like the movie. This is the turning point of the story. And, when you get back from Easter break, we will talk more about that, but for Family Points… start to think about that idea of sea symbolism. What does Dumas what the sea to represent? Post your answers for points here. Also, for additional Family Points… one of other symbols in the novel is “The Red Elixer”. Post ideas for points.

The major setting for chapters 11-16 is the Chateau D’If.

Edmond's Prison

The Chateau D’If should remind you a lot of Alcatraz. Take a look at the island. Why did Dumas chose this setting for the 8 chapters of his book? What secrets are locked in its walls? How does our new-found knowledge of the “unholy” trinity reflect this setting? Ideas can be posted for credit.

Keep working on your Literary Crit Essays.

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  1. taylornicholas13

    The sea symbolizes baptism, because when Edmond Dantes goes down into the water his old self is leaving him, and once he resurrects from the water he then becomes the Count of Monte Cristo.

    The Red Elixir symbolizes the power to grant life, but also the possibility of death that still remains.

  2. kylethorin

    The sea symbolizes baptism or rebirth. Baptism represents purification, or in this case, change. The old Edmond Dantes had been very innocent in his days as a sailor leading up to his years in prison. Once Dantes escapes prison through the cemetery of Chateau D’If, which is the sea, he emerges from the water as the Count of Monte Cristo, and his innocent ways had changed to revengeful and hateful.
    The Red elixir symbolizes the power to kill, and the power to bring to life. Abbe Faria needs this red elixir to “revive” him after he had thrown his “fit.” Although it works the first two times, Abbe Faria died after he had been given too much of the elixir.

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