SP#1: Birth Order Blues


Writer’s Workshop

Birth-Order Blues

“Show Me” about your Birth-order in a 5 paragraph essay

What is your Birth Order… are you the oldest child? The middle? Are you adopted? Or from a blended home? Your birth order says a lot about you. In a five paragraph essay, tell us what your birth order is, what you love/hate about it, and if you could change spots with anyone in your family… would you do so?


Step One:

4 Paragraph Block your Essay

Step Two:

Paragraph One:

Intro (with an interest grabber)

Paragraph Two:

What you dislike about your birth-order

Paragraph Three:

What do you love about your birth-order

Paragraph Four:

If you could change your birth-order, would you? Why? To Which?

Paragraph Five:

Conclusion… Wrap it up and tie a bow.
*** Remember, this is creative writing, you have the freedom to tell your Birth Order Blues Story any way you want. Keep it fun and entertaining, while giving us insight to how you respond to you family’s Birth Order.