Research Links


A quick and easy tool to keep your documents out of harm’s way. Also, a great way to pick up your assignments at school. So, if we are working in the computer lab, you can just click and go.

Help Center

One of the most helpful websites out there. This website is a sister-website to our text book. It has interactive pages for all the steps we are going to take over the next few weeks. Keep it bookmarked. Or on Delicious.

Topic Ideas

Here is a website with some fun topic ideas that will get your brain juices flowing. Think through some of the choices and see if anything is interesting to you.

Topic Ideas: Two

Another website with 100 Research topics. Start sorting through ideas.

Topic Ideas: Three

This website actually offers more than the usual website. This topic idea generator has actual questions on each topic. It will help you narrow your ideas and keep on track with the happenings of the world around you.

Website Saver and Search Engine

I am addicted to this site. If you have tried Pintrest…then this site is for you. Delicious is a free web browser where you can search academic ideas and create “stacks” of information. The perfect place to look for sources and to see what other high school students are up to. You will need to create and account. But, it is free and easy to set up.

Works Cited

Create a free account and store all your researched sources in one place.