Edmodo Etiquette

Responsible Edmodo Use


Dear Parents and Students:

This year, we will be working with an educational social networking site called Edmodo. The format of this site is similar to Facebook, but contains no apps, games, or advertisements, and has fewer features. It is not meant for sharing personal information, but rather for posting electronic assignments, enrichment activities and communicating class information. I have the ability to monitor all postings as well as delete anything I feel is inappropriate. Not only will I be monitoring what is shared on Edmodo, but parents will also have access to view their child’s activity as well as send them messages. Below is a list of guidelines that my students will be expected to follow as they use this educational tool.

Guidelines for using Edmodo

Listed below are the guidelines for using Edmodo. Any student who fails to follow the guidelines below will be removed from the group and parents will be contacted.

• Edmodo is to be used for educational purposes only. For example, students will be able to complete assignments that I post, ask other students in their class for help, communicate with me about any questions or concerns they may have, share interesting articles and/or videos relating to our curriculum that they have discovered, and/or vote in any poll created by me. Students will not be allowed to use Edmodo to share personal information, give answers to assignments and/or post inappropriate content.

• Discussions that are not related to classroom content or that are inappropriate for school should not take place on EDMODO and could result in removal from the group.

• Any student who loses the right to use Edmodo will not only lose access to extra credit opportunities but will also be expected to seek an alternative way to complete online assignments (meeting with me before school, after school, during homeroom or lunch, etc.)

• The CCHS student handbook guidelines apply to all discussions on Edmodo. Make sure what you type is respectful, friendly, and shows all the characters of the type of students we have at CCHS.

• I will check the site daily to monitor activity and try to answer questions as they are posted.

I hope that we can use EDMODO as a learning tool and a way to improve our communication. It will only be as helpful as we make it as a class.

Sign up instructions for students

Edmodo is a website that helps improve communication between teachers and students and between students and students. Edmodo is accessible online and on any mobile device with Internet capabilities. There are also iPhone and Android apps available. You can access your account on the go, and adjust your notification settings within Edmodo to receive alerts via text or email. It is easy to sign up, and you do not need an email address to do so. Follow the instructions below to create an account:

1) Log on to the website at https://cceagles.edmodo.com

2) Where it says ‘Sign Up’, click on ‘I’m a Student’.

3) Enter in the GROUP CODE for your class…_____________

4) For USERNAME, you may create a unique name but make sure it is something you can remember.

5) For PASSWORD, choose something that is unique to you but memorable.


6) If you have an email address, enter it or leave that box blank- it is optional.

7) Enter your first and last name – this must be your actual name so that I am able to see who has completed assignments, posted a question, etc.

8) Click the ‘Sign up’ button.

You are now ready to start using EDMODO!

1) Click on ‘Account’, then ‘Settings’

2) Change the notification settings.

a) Notifications can be either sent to an email address OR as a text message.

b) Turn on notifications for notes, alerts, and direct messages. You can turn on all your

notifications if you like, but these 3 are a minimum.

CAUTION: If you choose text messaging as your notification, make sure you either have

unlimited texting.

3) Upload a profile picture.

a) Choose from EDMODO’s stock photos

b) Create an avatar (http://www.doppelme.com/)

c) Pick a photo of your choosing. Just like everything else, this should be school appropriate.

Please let me know if you have any problems creating your account or if you have any questions about the guidelines above.