The Fine Print is a Blog that will help you communicate. Isn’t that a major part of learning English… to communicate? As you enter the world of World Literature I want you to be able to analyze novels and see the author’s for their true motive. Not, only do I want you to read great Literature, but I want you to write great literature. And, blogging is the first step. Writing and Reading… it’s all about the practice. Remember when you were a child? Remember the first time that you had the training wheels taken off your bike? So, this is that time. I am taking the training wheels off of your bike, so to speak. It’s time that you read, write and think on your own. You are tomorrow’s leaders. But, today, you have to find out who you are. And, as Ray Bradbury, author of Fahrenheit 451 said, “You never know who you truly are, until you write it down.” And, I believe that.. with my whole heart. So, write. Write it all down… down to the fine print.