Oprah Winfrey has one of the last interviews of Elie Wiesel at Auschwitcz. We will watch her interview in a few weeks. But, before we do.. check out her website to read more about the man behind the book.

For Family Points..

What makes Night so powerful?

Why did Elie win a Nobel Peace Prize? (His speech is at the back of your book… It is chilling).

What are your first impressions of the book?

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  1. hallegj

    Night is so powerful because it is written in the first person. The reader actually hears the personal story of someone who survived life in a concentration camp and the things that they went through. When reading Night it feels almost as if you are living in the Holocaust because you are taken along on each part of the journey. You hear each cruel thing that was done to the prisoners which include people (babies included) being thrown in the crematory, hangings in front of thousands, going without food or water for days, being tortured, being forced to run for miles, being shot if you were out of line, and being forced into cattle cars with barely enough space to sit. In addition, the reader can see the internal struggles of the prisoners and the dehumanization of many prisoners.
    Elie won the Nobel Peace Prize because he wanted to reassure his young self that he had done something with his life. He wanted to keep everyone from forgetting that terrible event and to call for peace in the rest of the world. He said that the terrible events going on right now cannot be forgotten and need to be dealt with. He said that Israel’s life is on the line and that speaking for his people he knows that they would love to help but cannot because their own lives are on the line. Through his book he reveals the importance of keeping such event in your memory and keeping them from happening again.
    My first impressions of the book are that it is really incredible and eye-opening. I never have heard personal experiences of a person in the Holocaust and their personal struggles so this really opened my eyes.

  2. sarahjwilcox

    Night was such a powerful novel in the sense that it showed the untold stories that most did not even fathom of occurring. It is also powerful in the sense that it is someone’s first-hand experience, not just a story of what might have happened in the concentration camps, but this is all true and first person, he saw a child die and many people die including his father. While reading you have the same emotions and feelings of that of the main character of the book, Elie. Through reading you can see the pages come to life and not in the best way because there is sympathy and seeing the torture that Elie speaks of that comes with the first person point of view.
    Elie won the Nobel Peace prize by consoling his younger self and proving to himself that he had done something with his life. He wanted people to keep from overlooking that ghastly occasion and to call for peace in whatever is left of the world.
    My first impression of the book was that of non-excitement, and dread. It is such a violent and scary book that it gave me chills beginning to read it. Knowing history and what happened during WWII and with the Jews brought me to a state of anticipation and fear to what would happen to these Jewish people in this time period.

  3. davidanthony01

    Night is such a powerful story because there nothing downplayed or censored about it. What the reader reads is a firsthand account of someone who had been survived the holocaust. Elie won a Nobel piece prize because he wrote the book not to seek fame or status, he wrote the book so that generations to come would know of the horrors of the holocaust so that it would never happen again. One of my favorite quotes from this book comes from the preface, it says: “Books no longer have the power they once did. Those who kept silent yesterday will remain silent tomorrow” (xiii). At first I wasn’t too excited to read the book, but once I started reading, I couldn’t stop.

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