Thesis Statements

Here are some extra tips for building a thesis statement.

Thesis Statement:

Is not:


  • Simply a statement of fact
  • Merely the expression of a personal opinion
  • A vague generalization
  • A question



  • A declarative sentence that states clearly and concisely the main point that the author wishes to make


  • Usually a sentence that embodies a judgment, evaluation, or criticism: worst, best, most important, insightful etc.


  • Example: The major problems that made enforcement of the Treaty of Versailles difficult concerned disarmament, reparations, and the punishment of war criminals.


It may:

  • Suggest a comparison or contrast
  • Focus primarily on the causes of effects of a certain event, condition, or change
  • Propose a solution to a problem of recommend a policy




General subject:                Teenage runaways

Specific topic:                   Reasons why adolescents run away from home

Thesis Statement:            Many adolescents run away from home not            because of delinquent activity, but because they are seeking help.