Writer’s Workshop Final Essay


Writer’s Workshop: Final Essay


Due: Friday

January 18,2013


After constructing several five paragraph essays during Writer’s Workshop, your final project will allow you to produce a finished project.



  1. Your final Writer’s Workshop must be typed and constructed in MLA format with an original title.
  2. You are allowed a total of three Dead Words to complete your paper. (Exception: Some final projects will need to use of personal pronouns (I, me, we, they, etc., depending on the Workshop). All others are allowed three Dead Words—NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. Final essays must be turned in with original Writer’s Workshop Sloppy Copy.
  4. Final essay must be a five paragraph essay (2-3 pages)


Writer’s Workshop Options:

  1. Favorite childhood memory—“The Creation Of You”
  2. Who is your hero?
  3. Hercules’ three modern day labors
  4. Predict Your Future (5, 15, and 25 years)
  5. My Squiggle
  6. Visitor at Bethlehem **


*** In choosing your Writer’s Workshop option, remember to follow the original instructions of the Workshop. ***



Your final Writer’s Workshop project will be graded on the CCHS Essay Rubric in alignment with the six traits of writing. Your overall grade will be graded as the Writing portion of your final.


Rubric: (Yes/No)



Does the essay have the correct MLA heading? 1” borders? 12 point Times New Roman Font? A creative title?








Organization & Length:

Are the ideas of the essay ordered logically and is there enough information?

(5 Paragraph Essay)






Introduction & Conclusion:

Does the introduction successfully grab the reader’s attention and does the conclusion leave the reader with a clear understanding.














Does this essay have correct grammar, spelling, word usage, punctuation?







Word Choice:

Does the essay include descriptive vocabulary? And, did the author attempt to eliminate dead words?


Sentence Fluency:

Do the sentences transition smoothly with appropriate connecting words while avoiding awkward phrases?







Original, 4P.Block, Sensory W. Bin:

Were the original Writer’s Workshop rough draft (including stamp), four-paragraph block and sensory word bin turned in with the essay?