SP#2: Poem with Two Voices

Sophomore Project: #2

Poems for two voices



To Start Off…


  • Offers two perspectives, or opposing points of view
  • A dialogue
  • Each voice speaks individually and then the two voices speak together
  • When writing together the voices comment on something that they agree or agree to disagree about.
  • In the end the two sides do not have to agree. They may agree to disagree.


Ideas on how to get started…


  • Use a venn diagram to brainstorm the two sides of your poem
  • Chose a topic that has two “persuasive” topics.
  • Keep it fun
  • Be creative





Snow Day

Snowboarding down a hill

Sledding on a slippery


Dangerous black ice

Freezing cold temperatures

No School

Throwing snowballs

Playing tackle in the snow

Getting hit with snowballs

Finding yellow snow

Falling in the snow

Wet Snow

Snow Day