Parent Agreement Form

Parent/Agreement Form

By this time, students have selected topics and discovered whether enough resources exist to conduct a thorough investigation. Please take some time to talk to your student(s) about their topics, the resources they will use, and the direction they want their papers to take.

You can help them to focus their topic so that their papers cover a reasonable amount of information (i.e., “Divorce” is probably too broad, while research on “A child’s behavior as the result of divorce” would probably be narrow enough). It is critical that students have a genuine desire to find out more about their topic.

Suggested Sources: (students will need at least 6 resources)
At least one primary source is required (such as a personal interview or a first-hand visit).

– Reference Books
– Texts
– Magazine Articles
– Newspaper Articles
– Computer Accesses Sources
– Interviews
– Visits
– Videos/Movies/Programs
– Computer Software

Student Name ___________________________________
The topic I am interested in studying is _____________________________

My parents and I agree that I have a genuine interest in this topic. We also know of a number of resources that will provide the information I want to discuss in my paper.


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