Book Chats


Please re-type questions and answers into a MLA formatted document. There is no length requirement for your answer, just make sure that you have COMPLETELY answered the questions with the appropriate details and knowledge. HINT: A complete Book Chat should be, at the very least, 3-5 pages.


Part 1: Reading journal

This section will include a collection of facts, impressions and ideas recorded during and after you read the novel.


  1. Predict the story after reading the first chapter. What different predictions can you make ?


  1. Write about any matches or digressions between your predictions as the story develops then concludes.


  1. Give some details about the location or the setting of the novel. Why did the author chose this location for their story?


  1. Did you feel happy with the outcome of the story ? Give your assessment by explaining why or why not.


Part 2 Commentary

This section will include a collection of short written responses commenting on the main features of the novel.


  1. Are the characters real to you or are they just stereotypes ?  Explain using the main characters as examples.


  1. Does the novel present realistic situations ? If so, how do you know? If not, what is being presented? Why?


  1. What kinds of issues and problems are being dealt with ? How do you know?


  1. To what extent are the issues and problems resolved ?


  1. What kinds of readers (audience)  might be interested in this novel ?   Why ?


Part 3  A Folio Piece

Select one of the following activities based on your work of fiction.


  1. Write about events in the story from the point of view of a minor character. What did he or she see ?  What did he or she do ?  What did he or she feel ?


  1. What would you have done differently if you were one of the characters ?


Part 4: Book Chats

Compose a list of FIVE observations which takes your book into consideration, while comparing it to another book that you have previously read.  Try to include at least one of each type of statement in your list.  For some, it may be challenging to come up with a theme that applies to your works, or to find similarities between the characters.  Try!  Usually something will surface with a bit of digging.  Think about the characters, the literary style, the setting, the author’s purpose, point of view, etc.




Statements of comparison

ex.:  ____ and _____ both deal with children growing up in violent surroundings.

       ____   and  ____  both have villains who die in the end.


Statements of contrast  

ex.:____ shows the negative consequences of risk-taking, while ______ shows its


       ____ is a humorous coming-of-age story, while ____ is a serious one.


Statements of theme

ex.: Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, or, Suffering can make us

        stronger.  *Remember not to phrase a theme as a moral (NO “you shoulds”)