From the desk of a not feeling so well Mrs. Rodriguez

Hey Team.

I am so sorry that I cannot be with you today.

I know that you all still have a lot of work that is laying a head of you, so that is still going to happen today.

I just wanted to personally check in on a few issues.


If you have your 50 sources cards, that were not checked off yesterday. Show the sub and they will mark it off for you, and make a note for me so I know it is completed.

The rest of you need to be filing your cards and writing your thesis statements. The thesis statement cards are on my desk. Instead of me checking them off right away, put your name on the back and turn them in. You wonderful sub will collect them and then I will read them tonight and bring them back to you tomorrow.

Some of you are completed with your quote cards, the filing of those cards and your thesis statement. If you want you can move onto the outline. I have posted the details of the outline and they should be easy to follow. Click Here for more information.

There is no reason  you won’t be busy today. So, if you complete the above and don’t want to work on  your outline, start reading “A Grief Observed”, of you can do other homework. Just stay busy.


If I said you can borrow an ASB Chrome Book that is still true. The ASB members in the class can log you in and you can go from there.


Great job on your novel report turn in. Yeah. Congrats that’s another big assignment down. Wahoo.

I didn’t get  change to push out Julius Caesar yesterday, so I will be doing it today.

I will prayerfully see you all tomorrow.

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