Bronte: Chapters 11-14

For this weekends reading…

It’s time to meet Prince Charming.

His name is Mr. Rochester… most knights ride up on a horse, the wind blowing in their hair and the sun setting in the background. The lady awaits. She is swooped up onto the horse… love on her face and glowing from the days events of finally finding her true love.

We wish that could happen for Jane.

Read to find out… how Jane and her prince charming actually meet

Now, let’s focus on Mr. Rochester. And, his relationship with Jane Eyre. They have a very sarcastic sense of humor… and it shows. The night that they spend together with Adele. Notice the banter between the two. It it quick witted and very friendly— but Jane doesn’t take it as so. She feels like he is hostile and she is almost repulsed by his actions.

The biggest part of your reading will be about three paintings that Jane creates. Take notice of them…they will be on your quiz. And, we will be painting them in class this week.

Enjoy your three day weekend.


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