Bronte 15-16

Celine Varens.


She is everything that Jane is not. But, what I really want you to take a look at is the reactions Mr. R has to the whole situation. Is the man who was jealous of Celine and her new love, the same man who took in an orphan child?

Quiz help. Really look over the story that Mr. Rochester tells about Celine and how it ties to Adele. For family points, what does this teach us about Adele? (500 points per answer)

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  1. Amelia Navarro

    Adele is supposedly Mr. Rotchesters’ child claimed by her mother Celine Varens. Jane Eyre notices similarities between them in their facial expressions, though not entirely their looks. Mr. Rotchester was with Celine but she cheated on him and went behind his back, thus Mr. Rotchester grew angry and separated himself from her. Celine gave Adele into the care of Mr. Rotchester and out of pity, he took her in, also because he was still in love Celine. Adele was abandoned by her mother and ran off with a performer elsewhere. Therefor Adele is seen as an orphan to Mr. ROtchester and because he does not believe they are related he shows not as much attention onto her rather than if he was her father.

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