Bronte Bonus

I know that I said we didn’t have a forum this past week. But, that doesn’t mean we cannot have a bonus question for family points.

So, give me your opinion about the following quote. Doe you agree? Or Disagree? Why?

If all the world hated you and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved of you and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends.
Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre pg. 61
English novelist (1816 – 1855)

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  1. sarahjwilcox

    I completely agree with this statement. First off, it is probably hard for someone who is hated by the world and thought you were wicked, and if your own conscience is approving of your life then you may be a little insane. Once insane I’d imagine that you would start making friends with either inanimate objects or be talking and making friends with your own conscience. I think it is acceptable though, because if you really were wicked and hated then you would have no friends and you could make imaginary friends. Some people may think you’re insane for having imaginary friends or being friends with your own conscience but it’s not like you will get any friends anyways.

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