February 22 / / Literary Criticism

Here is your place to post your choice for your modern day children’s book. Remember: It is first come first…

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February 9 / / The Great Gatsby
February 6 / / The Great Gatsby
February 2 / / The Great Gatsby
January 31 / / The Great Gatsby

Before we jump in to tonight’s reading. Here is the link for your Gatsby Scavenger Hunt. Remember that the answers…

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January 24 / / The Great Gatsby

An American History Lesson and links to your Gatsby Scavenger Hunt (Don’t use the link on the calendars…. use the link posted below). Don’t forget… there is a movie in your AP folder on Edmodo.

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This is your forum to share you Persuasive Paper Topic with the class. Remember only one topic per class. Please…

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